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Aiport Industrial Park

Port-au-Prince, HAITI HT6123

PHONE: +509 47998432; +305 6757822


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Mr. H. Claudel Dumas is the Chief Executive Officer of CD Group SA, a holding company whose subsidiaries specialize in business-to-business operations.

            FOURNITURE EXPO, the oldest of the CD Group’s companies,   

         provides furniture to a diverse clientele.                                      

  •       Ms. Danielle Dupuis-Nouille, Executive Director                   
  • OFFICE 1 HAITI, bringing office solutions to improve productivity in the work place.   The first Office 1 Superstore in Haiti opened in January 2012 and has already expanded to ten franchisees, servicing business, NGOs, and government alike.                                         

  •       Mr. Galo Naranjo, Executive Director                                                                              
  • COMPASS SA provides consulting and advisory services to local and foreign investors.                                                                      

  •       Ms. Nancy Dubosse, Executive Director                               
  • EVEREST ESTATES is a real estate business acquiring and remodeling commercial properties for sale or rent.                      

  •       Mr. Jean-Frederic Policard, Executive Director

         FONDATION CD GROUP is a strucuture created to offer support and

         expertise to small and medium enterprises.


                Ms. Katia Dumas, President